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Enjoy peace of mind when you secure your car with us... You can Stop, Resume and Locate your car with EASE


Don’t wait to be told, our car tracking system is the best available in the market. No other Vehicle Tracking company in Nigeria gives you 100% guarantee of car recovery in incident of car theft or robbery. so wouldn’t you rather secure your vehicle with Us and have peace of mind?


Our fleet Manager is rated as one of the best fleet management in Nigeria. We give you the opportunity to monitor your fleet under one dashboard. Our fleet Management application, keeps you in total control. Do you have more cars? Then signup to become a fleet manager


GPS Tracker Car Tracking company is one of FRSC Approved speed limiters vendors in Nigeria, We install only the best speed limiting devices from world leading speed limiter manufacturers. Our Devices serves more than just limiting your car’s speed.

GPS TRACKER Car Tracking Company
-Who We Are-

Welcome to our website; we are a reliable car tracking company with over 10 years of professional experience. Our mission is to provide the best car tracker system to all Nigerians and beyond.

GPS TRACKER car tracking company is a subsidiary of Impactcentric Techniks, a credible security and surveillance company in Nigeria with offices located strategically in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Enugu, Ibadan and Kano. We are a leading car tracking company in Lagos and the entire Nigeria. Over the years of our existence, we’ve been able to install thousands of car tracking projects across Nigeria.

If you are searching for the best car tracking companies in Nigeria, then you don’t have to search any further, we are the leading provider of car tracking in Lagos and Nigeria beyond. GPS TRACKER car tracking company is among the pioneer installers of mtn car tracking device in Nigeria. mtn c-track was launched in Nigeria about 10years ago and we are proud to be among the few NCC approved car tracking companies in lagos to offer this service

We are very much aware that there are few companies out there providing car tracking services to their clients; some of them even claim that they are offering or selling car tracking devices at cheap rates. Although we are not doubting the fact that there may be a car tracking company that might offer cheaper rates than ours, but we are confident that it is difficult to get a company that will give their clients 100% warranty for one full year.

The obvious truth is that most of these companies aren’t using high quality car tracking devices for their clients. Sometimes one of the problems we face while installing car tracking devices to our clients is to convince them that our car tracking devices is absolutely the best considering the quality of service we offer.

We have the best form of car tracking devices in the market, and this is our selling point- we are always in the habit of adopting most efficient and effective car tracking services for our myriads of customers. We have served a wide range of customer’s overtime, and many of them keep returning back to us, due to the quality of service they have received from us.

GPS TRACKER Car Tracking Company
-Why Choose Us-

It may interest you to know that we serve a wide spectrum of clients ranging from insurance companies, banks, government agencies, logistic firms, private, small and large-scale organizations. Our clients are evenly scattered all over Nigeria.

We are pioneer car tracking firms in Nigeria; we started the business when most people in Nigeria barely know about car tracking and whether it will ever work in Nigeria owing to our unstable system of administration and poor network coverage.

Within a short period of operation, we were able to commission and train some insurance and logistic firms in GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management services virtually in all the states in Nigeria. Thus, we are proud to say that we are among the pioneering car tracking companies in Nigeria.

Our fleet management and car tracking services made it extremely possible for companies with fleets of cars or trucks to maximise their manpower and gain more productivity services. We made it really easy for most organizations to save cost by managing their fleet.

Just like we stated above, no matter your budgets and preferences, we have pocket friendly plans that will be suitable to you. We do not charge exorbitant rates unlike most car tracking companies out there. All our car tracking plans comes with one off payments; in this case, you don’t need to renew your plans annually or monthly.

Another distinguishing service we offer to our clients is that when you subscribe for our plans, we will carefully train you on how to monitor and make optimal use of the devices- in this way, you don’t need to contact us for any support services, because you can do it yourself without any issues.

Thus, if you are currently paying your subscribers monthly or annual subscription rates, then we advice you put a stop to that and quickly switch to our more customer-friendly plans. This one off payment we are talking about is available for single car tracking plans. If you are tracking a fleet, then you can pay an annual subscription rate of 30,000 naira (thirty thousand naira only) for managing the platform.

We are always upgrading our security and alarm systems so that they can suit and/ or compete favourably with the best car tracking devices around the globe. Our corporate goals are to ensure that every Nigerian is able to secure their vehicles at a minimal cost. This is part of the reason why we are investing heavily on our brands.

We know the importance of staying focused, and determined in your business pursuit, delivering your job and getting your work done daily, weekly and yearly without issues. We have a flexible system that makes it extremely easy for you to keep track of your vehicles. In this way, you can manage all aspects of your business without having to worry anything. Feel free to give us a call between the hours of 8:30 AM and 5PM GMT. If you call us, one of our well-trained representatives will walk you through the process of our available options within few minutes. We would like you to tell us about your organization, and we will match you with the real GPS tracking system that perfectly suits your needs.

Once the installation process is complete, you can start to track your vehicle immediately. We seldom receive complaints from our customers, because our products are working perfectly fine. Should you experience any problem along the way, kindly let us know- we will surely help you. Just give us a call right now, and someone will be out to assist you in the best possible way.

Just like we stated above, we have physical offices at strategic places in Nigeria such as Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Kano- we know that it is very easy to serve clients from various locations in Nigeria through any of these locations. It is on record that we have served about 1000 satisfied clients within this short period of time.

If you are still in doubt, whether we are the right company for you- few testimonials below could convince you. We really don’t like sampling our customer testimonials, but we have to do it as a way of proving to you that we would like to add you as one of our clientele. Thanks for visiting our website and we hope you will enjoy all the car tracking services available here!